A new-comer’s perspective…

Knowledge will forever govern ignorance (J. Madison). Understanding the value of the products you invest in is crucial in gaining maximum profits. Completing the courses provided on this platform not only gave me an insight into blockchain and cryptocurrencies and how they work. It also educated me on a vital concept that I did not take into consideration; how to secure my assets. I discovered so much in the beginner’s course alone, that it makes me wonder what the intermediate has to offer. This course opened my eyes to the way the crypto-verse works and showed me the power of hodling. The best part is, CVHODL offer so much more than just the course’s curriculum. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth more than what’s charged, it’s like the Robin Hood of crypto education.


Great Course

The beginner course has been enlightening for me…I was able to invest in different ways and also educate others on the importance of buying and holding their own.

Dylon Le Blanc

The courses on this platform

The courses on this platform, are very informative in my opinion. The information is well laid out and easy to understand and move through the modules. If you are really looking to get a foot in the door with regards to learning about Cryptocurrency this is the place to be.

Johann Thomas


The consultation was extremely valuable and will serve me for years to come. The information and guidance I received was way more than I paid for. To say that I was served well and my expectations were exceeded is an understatement. Thank you CVHODL.

Suzette Mohammed

Cryptocurrency 101 beginner course.

For a complete novice like me I completed Cryptocurrency 101 beginner course. This course has given me the confidence and knowledge about the Cryptocurrency market.
The course covers all the basics of understanding Cryptocurrency market. Some of the topics covered in the course include introduction to Bitcoin, how to buy Bitcoin, introduction to the Blockchain,types of wallets,centralized exchange and much more.
The course materials are very informative, easy to understand and digest. Overall, it is a very solid Cryptocurrency course that I would highly recommend to anyone interested in learning the basics of Cryptocurrency.
Thanks to the creators of Cryptocurrency 101 course for creating such an informative, concise and educational course.

Cherylann Bolondia


As someone with practical experience in the space since 2017, I found great value in both the Beginner and Intermediate modules. The supporting downloads are well curated to provide a broad range of information without losing you in the ocean of various material that exists on blockchain, bitcoin and DeFi.

Personally, I found the most value in the Privacy and Precious Metals modules. Looking forward to continued material as the space expands with Non-fungibles, DAOs and DeFi.
Great value! ”
Thank you!

Troy Allen

Beginner CryptoCurrency Course – Intro to the Future!!

I have completed the beginner course and have officially started on my journey into digital currencies and I will say that the course was comprehensive enough to provide an understanding of CyrptoCurrency and the Blockchain, as well as how the entire Crypto financial ecosystem works. The course also presented me with the understanding of the advantages to such a decentralized system as this one. It has peaked my interest enough and was digestible enough for me to want to continue learning on how I can invest in what is clearly the future of banking, trading and investing. Quick, concise, comprehensive and leaves you needing more information. I also enjoyed the mix of readings, internet links and videos from multiple sources to drive the base concepts home. Well done!

Solange Jacob