We are not astronauts, but we will be going to the moon…eventually, with, persistence, patience, and planning.

For a brief summary, we are entrepreneurs that invest in cryptocurrencies and various investment products to achieve financial freedom.

We are bullish on a future where our fellow humans control their finances, are emancipated from the slavery of the system and become their own banks.

A future where we are truly free from the clutches of governments and central banks who want to control our finances, extort us, and keep us as sheeple. As the great sayings go, “they control the masses through ignorance,” and “sheeple get fleeced!”

The purpose of this blog is to help cure the disease of mind control, help you unlearn all the lies you have been taught, re-learn, and provide guidance for you to achieve financial freedom.

So what can you expect from this blog?
  1. Courses to get started with Cryptocurrencies
  2. Articles about Cryptocurrency, Finance, Privacy and Security
  3. Resources and Tools
  4. CVHODL Merchandise

Your financial future is your responsibility; take control of it!

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