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You’re sitting in the coffee shop and out of nowhere, a person approaches you and says,

Hi! My name is John MLM, can I have 5 minutes of your time? I have an exciting business opportunity for you! Have you heard about or invested in Forex? No? Yes? Well, I would like to invite you to a meeting to learn how you can make a lot of money with Forex. …You should invite your friends and family as well so they too can benefit from this opportunity!

I am sure this sounds familiar. The invitation to a hype session…uh um…meeting to learn about Forex, with people dancing and clapping and the spokesperson shouting, “WHO WANTS TO BE RICH!” and the crowd goes wild with excitement.

You also get lost in all the excitement and become emotionally moved by the presentation. You tell yourself, “Yes! I want to be rich. Yes! I want a nice car. Yes! I want vacations; WHERE DO I SIGN UP?”

…and there it is, the false truth, you have been brainwashed by the façade of a business opportunity, and joined a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) scheme.

You then attend weekly meetings to get your dose of hype [motivation]…because you believe. You religiously make your payments and try to recruit people, …because you believe. You get angry with any alternative perspective on, “the business opportunity,” …because you believe. You convinced yourself that if you work harder, all that “education” you are paying for will eventually pay off…because you believe.

Months later, you lose hope, filled the pockets of your upline [business partner], and decide to grab a coffee and think about your [bad] investment. While sitting, sipping on that latte thinking, another person approaches you and says,

Hi! My name is James MLM, can I have 5 minutes of your time? I have an exciting business opportunity for you! Do you invest in Gold or Cryptocurrency? No? Yes? Well, I’d like to invite you to a meeting to learn…. invite your friends and family as well so they too can benefit from this amazing opportunity to invest…

You get excited again, attend the meeting, and the cycle repeats itself all over again. You did not learn from the previous MLM scheme and continue to jump into one after the other because…well…you believe.

Months pass, and you realize that you have not made the amazing gains that you were told you could make, and you lost more than what you have gained.

This is the reality for many persons who join MLM schemes. While MLMs are not illegal, the business model is quite deceptive and unethical. Persons do not take the time to properly research the ‘opportunity’ being presented to make an informed decision, because the decision is mainly driven by greed and not an actual investment approach.

The hope is to “get rich quick.” Also, many MLM schemes have a cult-like following. If you have ever expressed an alternative view with an MLM believer, you will quickly understand.

According to Dr. Jon M. Taylor in his book, Multi-Level Marketing Unmasked, he states,

Most of the money paid by the MLM company goes to TOPPs (top-of-the-pyramid promoters) at the expense of a revolving door of unwitting new downline recruits, who try an MLM program and quit, only to enrich the founders and TOPPs with commissions from the purchases these recruits made in a vain effort to “succeed.”

There is a saying, “It takes many years to become an overnight success.” There is no get-rich-quick formula. To become rich or wealthy requires knowledge, consistent action, smart investments, and relentless determination. Therefore, it takes time and commitment.


  1. Goal (no deadline) = ‘Wish’ or Dream
  2. Goal + Deadline = Objective
  3. Goal + Deadline + Plan = Intention
  4. Goal + Deadline + Plan + Consistent Action = ‘Success’
  5. PERSONALLY, MEANINGFUL Goal + Deadline + Plan + Consistent Action = Fulfilment

It is quite shocking how many people are easily influenced into putting their money into MLM schemes and defend them even though they are not benefitting and are losing money. Stop putting your hard-earned money into MLM schemes and take the time to educate yourself about investing.

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