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There are so many amazing things that can be done with certain DeFi protocols in the real world outside of cryptocurrency. Yet, many do not apply them to real-world use cases. So in this article, we are going to explore some of these unique opportunities in DeFi on Ethereum. Note these are only of few of the many amazing developments in DeFi.


Did you know that a DAI loan can be converted to fiat and used as a traditional loan? This may sound very confusing, but, it’s actually quite simple. You can keep exposure to ETH by borrowing DAI, then using it for loans on cars, houses, etc! There are no credit scores, no banks, and the interest rates are lower. Get out DeFi Ecosystem document with our Intermediate Course to learn more about lending platforms.


Did you know that there are tens of thousands of farmers in Kenya with crop insurance because of smart contracts on Ethereum? Etherisc uses LINK oracles, to provide automated protection for a variety of use cases. They provide several insurance offerings including, flight delays, crops, hurricanes, and more!


Did you know that you can set up a payroll (or any other stream of value) using Sablier, and get it paid in real-time to users on Ethereum? Just set the amount to be paid out, duration, and the recipient’s ETH address for instantaneous payments! No payroll hassle, just pure efficiency.

Monetize Content

Did you know you can monetize your content on Ethereum with digital tokens using Unlock Protocol?

Create a DAO
Did you know you can form a decentralized autonomous organization without knowing any code? There are many DApps built for decentralized collaboration, budgeting, and DAO management on Ethereum. Alchemy, for example, provides libraries of protocols for DAOs to utilize.
Invest in Forex and Commodities
Did you know you can invest in the precious metals, stocks, and Forex markets on Ethereum? Synthetix provides the ability to trade real-world items on the blockchain. Off-chain oracles relay price feeds of these synthetic assets, which can be anything!


Dispute Resolution
Did you know you can participate in dispute resolutions and earn money for voting correctly? Kleros has jurors or stakers of their native token, PNK, which can be used to vote on cases that cannot be solved in courts. All of it is done in a decentralized manner, with winning voters earning yield.
Register | Buy | Sell Domains
Did you know you can register, buy, or sell domains to create unstoppable websites with IPFS and ENS? Thanks to DNS namespace integration, larger companies can also easily authenticate different addresses with their own domain names. ENS names act as universal Web 3.0 profiles.
Did you know you can play video games and earn rewards while owning the items that you acquire on Ethereum? This is the next iteration of the gaming industry, formed by the customers. The popular, new, “play to earn” model will have exponential network effects.
Event Tickets
Did you know you can set up tickets to events that are represented as NFTs to collect royalties from sales on secondary markets? These tickets are programmable in many ways unique to their creators and are easily purchased. Users would not even have to know that it is on the blockchain. Check out EthCC to learn more.


Create Agreements

Did you know you can create real-life legal agreements on Ethereum with a few lines of code? These types of smart contracts can help to significantly reduce the friction and cost of creating legal agreements while providing legal clarity for digital assets. OpenLaw makes it easy to create legal agreements that work with Ethereum. No more lawyers, just code.

Decentralized Social Media

Did you know that you can use decentralized social media thanks to Ethereum? dApps like Lockedfyi and Mirror are great for creating Web3 blogs. All content lives forever on unstoppable domains, and are programmable across many other applications.

Earn Passive Income
Did you know you can earn passive yield on your holdings with little work? By depositing into any one of the major DeFi protocols, users can earn significant yield with little risk from counterparts. The composable nature of DeFi allows you to manage risk and yield accordingly.
Prediction Markets
Did you know you can trade various prediction markets on Ethereum? These markets can be made up of nearly anything: DeFi tokens, different analytics, crime rates of various cities, NFT indexes, political markets, and more. Ethereum tokenizes information and sentiment.
Smart Contract Wallets
Did you know you can set up smart contact wallets with special permissions for sub-accounts on Ethereum? This will allow users to enjoy various things like gas-less txs, multi-sigs and even social recovery. You can set up these wallets for family members, employees, or friends! Two of the most popular smart contract wallets are Argent and Looping. If you install Loopring please use our referral code 004233, we both get 1,000 points.
Layer 2
Did you know you know that layer two networks on Ethereum offer substantially lower tx fees and quicker confirmation? Optimistic and zkproof rollups have been several years in the making, but they are now able to scale Ethereum significantly. The best part is that they benefit from Ethereum’s security.
What do you think about the wide range of trillion-dollar use cases and applications for DeFi that many have not explored in the real world?

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